Alex Casassovici Talks Azarus, a Gaming ‘Challenges’ Platform Built on EOSIO

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KONSKIE, POLAND - November 17, 2018 EOS cryptocurrency logo displayed on smartphone - Image

Alex Casassovici talked to about the new platform called Azarus that lets gamers create and run their own challenges using the EOSIO blockchain.

His interview with was recently published on the project’s blog.

What Is Azarus?

Azarus, according to Casassovici is a “game challenge network.” It allows players to “define and run their own challenges on their own terms.”

The team behind Azarus has been working actively with publishers to access the best data sources, letting them know what happens in the games in real-time.

This data is fed to smart contracts that operate the gaming challenges.

The Azarus team stuck to the thesis that “challenges” are the language of gamers.

Alex noted that games changed drastically since Xbox Live created the first achievement network sixteen years ago with games now much more ‘long lasting.’

In the new scenario, retaining players is as important as bringing new players to the network.

He noted the importance of Azarus partnering with game publishers, to enable players to have more fun with games they already love.

The platform’s founding team is working out of San Francisco, where Alex is working as a technologist and engineer.

The team also includes serial entrepreneur Andrew Lacy, former academic researcher and ex-Gameloft, EA, Ubisoft, and Facebook employee Benjamin Devienne and Erik Whiteford, who previously led marketing initiatives at EA Sports, EA Games, Wargaming, and 2K Sports.

Scaling up and Future Plans

The network’s first alpha-test went live in September last year with Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

The publisher designed challenges that pop up at the end of a match via a Twitch extension. Players can earn AZA credits for correct answers. These credits can be exchanged for in-game items on

Alex noted that the first test was a “tremendous success.”

On their decision of sticking to the EOSIO blockchain network, Alex noted that they had created an open platform “that’s sanctioned by publishers and that stays away from betting and gambling.”

Using blockchain creates trust. EOSIO helps in providing great transaction speeds and lets users interact with the blockchain without going into the technical details, making it a good fit for Azarus.

The network’s AZA credit is a virtual ccurrency which provides a measure of how much time a user has spent in a game and his proficiency/skills.

He added that the EOS Community has been enthusiastic about their offering.

The EOS community has helped in providing resources to support the network and in defining the right architecture that allows them to move to mainnet as well.

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