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Apple Stock: reading the potential

Apple Stock

For anyone familiar with the world of Binary Options you know that there is a great choice of stocks and commodities to choose from when it comes to trading against and it is fair to say that everyone has their own personal favorites. In today’s world the old types of stocks such as wheat and gold have taken a back seat while newer more exciting ones have come around, specifically technology giants.

If you are about to ask the old why question then stop right there. The easy answer is that traders look for something to get their heart racing while at the same time offering a kind of predictable stability that means profits can be found. Binary options are also a great way to cash in on successful and profitable companies without having to pay out large sums buying actual stocks and shares.

Why trade in Apple stock?

It is true that through its history Apple has had its fair share of ups and downs but the last 15 years or so has turned all that around making it the top innovator for mobile technology. The world over people wait with baited breath for the release of their latest products with pre-orders making up the bulk of sales. This kind if consumer confidence is not just rare, it is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

What makes it good for binary options? Well for starters their almost guaranteed successes that come with every product launch but more than that is the constant stream of information, product announcements and news exposure that keeps their stock prices on the move but at predictable intervals. The best part about such massive company exposure is the vast amount of information that is available to the savvy trader. If you are looking to see what will happen on a product launch you can consult the views of the critics that have already beta tested every inch of it. Pre launch consumer views is a tool that Apple use to gauge a product’s success rating and it is this vital information that is almost too good to be true for a binary options trader. Even if the market index is set to fall you can find information as to the why’s and what they are doing to fix it.

Take the iphone 5 as an example; critics did not receive it well and so at launch their index price fell in accordance with the current viewpoint and yet after just a day sales went through the roof and consumer confidence restored it and more. Information like this simply does not exist anywhere else in the markets. Furthermore the technology sector as a whole is notoriously moveable as companies compete for place and status. Experts have long said that the mobile tech sector has already peaked and that a collapse is imminent and yet mobile tech is still riding high with new players entering the market every year. But as competition grows so does the movement in the prices meaning that if you keep a weather eye out there is even more information potential out there to plan and strategize around.

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