Avelacom and XTRD Team Up to Enable Low-Latency Crypto Trading as HFTs and Algos Enter the Market

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Avelacom, a high-performance connectivity and IT infrastructure solutions provider, announced on December 5 its collaboration with XTRD in creating a robust and low-latency trading platform that will interconnect cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

Avelacom states on its Twitter bio that its systems and connectivity are optimised for algorithmic trading, which is a pre-programmed automated trading method. This computerized trading accounts for a huge proportion of total trades in traditional financial markets.

The Partnership Will Enable Previously Cumbersome Arbitrage Strategies

As the crypto industry becomes increasingly institutionalized, the integration of the XTRD platform to Avelacom’s super-fast network will enable traders to access new markets in addition to ECNs and traditional exchanges.

Transactions will be processed through a sub-millisecond market data and order routing, which will ensure that banks, hedge funds, and other institutional investors are adequately equipped with aggregated liquidity. Moreover, the XTRD platform will help traders to improve their arbitrage strategies that demand reliable and low-latency connectivity, especially from the top Asian cryptocurrency exchanges such as BitMEX, Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

Aleksey Larichev, Avelacom’s Managing Director, said:

“We found a big gap between the demands of our institutional clients and the typical solutions provided over the Internet. Web-based applications will never meet the expectations of institutional investors. We are best known for working with global market makers and HFTs, so it was natural for us to adapt our IT infrastructure for institutional crypto trading. We are glad to be part of the crypto evolution and to help shape it into a more developed and professional-grade market.”

Serg Gulko, XTRD’s CTO and Founder, stated:

“Our team has over 30 years of experience building robust, battle-tested trading systems in FX, equities, derivatives, and other instruments. Definitely our aim in cryptocurrency markets is to provide the same grade solutions for our investor clients. Avelacom came up with a solution that helps to improve market data services and allows us to provide our institutional clients with best-in-class services in crypto markets.”

Technologies From Traditional Financial Markets to Improve Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies constantly evolve; however, they have demonstrated significant inconsistencies compared to other tradable commodities. Avelacom and XTRD will utilize their experience from traditional financial markets to enhance cryptocurrency trading for institutions, as they pave their way in the crypto industry. They join forces to deliver an ecosystem that offers reliable order execution with guaranteed uptime availability.

Both companies have a solid background in low-latency connectivity and financial IT solutions, respectively. Moscow-based Avelacom’s network consists of 30,000 miles of long-haul fiber routes, that connects exchanges across Europe, Asia, North and South America, South Africa and Australia. XTRD brings its know-how from professional trading firms and financial institutions to cryptocurrencies, via a unified FIX API that aggregates liquidity from multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

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