Binance Labs Holds Talks With Harvard, MIT and Columbia University Students

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Bitcoin BTC on stack of cryptocurrencies with Binance exchange logo in background. The cryptocurrency coin is golden and in focus. Copenhagen / Denmark - 07 12 2018.

Binance recently talked about this past weekend’s activity with students at the Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University. Binance Labs, the investment arm of the largest crypto exchange in the world held a meetup titled, “State of Blockchain: A Chat with Binance Labs.” The students learned about Binance Labs’ work in supporting emerging blockchain startups and blockchain-based innovations. The talks also focused on creating such startups, finding the product markets and raising funds.

Building a Brighter Blockchain Future

Binance Labs, apart from investing in upcoming blockchain startups, also works to help innovators and upcoming companies find ground in the world of distributed ledgers. It runs incubation programs and makes strategic investments to help blockchain entrepreneurs and highlight the true potential of blockchain technology.

The meetup organized last week was attend by Head of Binance Labs Ella Zhang. She was supported by partner Teck Chia, director Ling Zhang and researcher Charles Lu who talked to the students and discussed how crypto investors are different from venture capitalists and how the VC market is disrupted via ICOs. Other topics covered during the meetup include the importance of blockchain security, stablecoins and why their development is crucial to the industry as well as innovation and regulation of the crypto industry.

Ella Zhang also talked about her transition from traditional VC to crypto investor and her strong faith in ICOs. She said:

“The democratization of everything is what has excited me about technology from the beginning. It’s better for everyone if there are fewer gatekeepers. Every idea should get a chance to succeed, and the ones that do, do. I’d like to see us reach a point where VCs are not gatekeepers.”

Binance Labs’ Strategic Investment

The portfolio companies of Binance Labs includes Trust Wallet, Oasis Labs, CertiK, Pivot, Contentos, Basis, Republic, Cocos Blockchain Expedition, Cred, and Koi Trading among others. Of these, CertiK is a blockchain verification company by Ronghui Gu, an assistant professor at Columbia University. Gu was present at the meetup and talked about security in blockchains.

He noted:

“Blockchain ecosystems are based on trust. $630 million was lost to hackers in December 2017 as smart contracts are open-sourced to hackers and immutable once deployed.”

Basis founder and CEO Nader Ali-Naji also shared his experiences creating a stable cryptocurrency protocol while co-founder and CEO of Koi Trading Harry Zhou discussed innovation and regulation in the blockchain industry.

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