Blackberry Announces Its Enterprise of Things Platform to Be Used in Healthcare

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Blackberry Logo. Source: Ben Stassen/Flickr

On Thursday, Oct. 4, BlackBerry introduced the world to its new flagship platform that enables its Enterprise of Things (EoT) vision. Called BlackBerry Spark, the platform will launch with a host of new partnerships and customers, along with an ultrasecure blockchain solution for sharing data. The EoT solution could be deployed in the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes.

Making Security and Data Privacy a Priority

BlackBerry has a long history of expertise in data privacy, security, and communication in regulated industries, said John Chen, executive chairman and CEO of BlackBerry. He said that by using the company’s experience and expertise, they could help the “government to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry: leveraging healthcare endpoints to improve patient outcomes while ensuring security and data privacy.

The foundation of this new system will be BlackBerry’s carrier-grade network operation center technology, which will power a blockchain created by ONEBIO. Together, these solutions will create an ultrasecure global network that can be used to store and share medical data. The network can be fed information from patients, IoT biometric devices, and laboratories. This information is then anonymized and shared with researchers.

The company is offering this solution to the Global Commission, an organization geared toward eliminating the endless diagnostic trail for children with rare diseases. The organization will pilot the new BlackBerry solution to explore how it can be used to provide actionable, real-time analyses and help reduce diagnostic duration.

New Strides Into the Healthcare Industry

BlackBerry is entering the healthcare industry with a variety of high-tech solutions. It has launched a new operating system for secure medical devices that are compliant with IEC 62304 safety certification standards. The real-time operating system, called QNX OS for Medical 2.0, can be used in the development of infusion pumps, patient monitoring systems, and robotic surgical instruments that pass through strict regulatory approval systems. It can also be a part of FDA Class III medical devices.

The company has also partnered with the Mackenzie Innovation Institute to explore connectivity between its smart healthcare technology goals and the BlackBerry Spark EoT platform. The institute supports innovation in the healthcare industry.

The chief financial officer of the Mackenzie Innovation Institute, Richard Tam, talked about the partnership, saying:

“By developing a deeper understanding and exploring how our ‘smart’ systems operate with BlackBerry Spark, we aim to uncover new ways to connect, protect and intuitively manage smart technologies in a hospital and positively impact high-quality patient care.”

BlackBerry has also partnered with Melanoma Institute Australia to help researchers share information securely and privately.

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