Coinbase’s New Watchlist Feature Lets Users Customize Their Dashboards

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On Day 4 of ’12 Days of Coinbase,’ the exchange announced that users can now make use of the watchlist feature.

The new feature allows users to track a cryptocurrency in their custom watchlist by simply clicking a star next to the cryptocurrency on the dashboard.

This new feature comes as Coinbase begins ramping up the number of new coins it lists on the exchange, so managing and organizing one’s dashboard becomes increasingly important.

Improved User Experience at Coinbase

Coinbase is creating a better crypto trading experience for its users by creating the watchlist feature.

It will be available at the click of a button and provide easy access to key information about an asset, which will be displayed in a new ‘Following’ tab.

To make the feature more user-friendly, Coinbase lets users decide which asset information they want to view first. It noted in a blog:

“We also know that historic pricing charts aren’t for everyone. Once you’ve created your watchlist, you decide what asset information is most helpful to view first. Choose traditional price charts or a list of market data.”

To remove an asset from the watchlist, the users will un-star the coin.

Interestingly, users will be able to add any asset they like in the watchlist, regardless of its Coinbase listing status as long as it is available on the informational price page.

Providing a Better Crypto Ecosystem

Coinbase also informed users about its new price charts which feature increased precision.

It has also added an industry news article feed for the users and is currently working on a price summary widget for the dashboard.

The exchange also informed that it is working on several improvements in the customers’ logged-in experience in the past six months.

Going forward, the exchange plans more investments that let users customize their experience further.

When kicking off the 12 Days of Coinbase program, the exchange announced a new way for users to spend their cryptocurrency balances via e-gift cards.

The e-gift cards can be acquired via WeGift for vendors like Nike, Uber and more.

Coinbase will be making several major update announcements to their services leading up to Christmas.

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