CryptantCrab From iCandy Interactive Opens for Pre-sale

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The blockchain community has long moved on from Hello Kitties. Now, its time to build a virtual crab collection. iCandy Interactive is opening the pre-sale for its CryptantCrab virtual crab collection on Thursday, October 25. The offering puts over 1 million combinations up for grabs. The pre-sale will start at the price of 0.12 ETH and will increase every hour.

Become a Virtual Crab Owner

The sale will be live for all pre-registered players as well as the general public for a period of three weeks. The blockchain game features a variety of virtual crabs. There are over 1 million unique combinations of crabs. Participants of the pre-sale will earn a “Pioneer” status, which will be available only to the pre-sale crabs. Players also have the chance to obtain the “Legendary” CryptantCrabs during each purchase.

During the initial phases of the roll-out, players will be able to hatch their own crabs and discover the unique traits of their new virtual friends. They can get to know the general stats, looks, strengths, weaknesses and elemental affinity of these crabs as well. Soon after, the “Battle” system will come online, in which the elemental traits of these crabs will play a crucial role.

Unique Game, Unique Crabs

The players have the ability to mutate parts of the CryptantCrab. Using the only resource of the game, Cryptant, users will be able to change the legs, claws and even the fighting skills of their crabs. The users won’t just have a safe environment and unique characters to play with, but will also enjoy the true ownership of their CryptantCrabs. The crabs will have a proper market value which means that the time, funds and efforts gone into creating these unique characters can be converted to real-world assets.

At the end of Q4 2018, the game will be launching its Crab Shop, Auction House and mutation features for its users. The Battle System and other functions of the blockchain will be built later. Designed by Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd. a subsidiary of iCandy Interactive listed in Australia, the game targets both professional and casual gamers. This is the game developers first venture into blockchain. Previously, it created popular games like Crab War, Light A Way, and award-winning Alien Path.

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