Dear Michael Clarke, there are worse things you can do than tamper with the ball using sandpaper

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Michael Clarke, the former Australian Cricket Captain, must have fallen on hard times.

He is here – late cycle – squandering his reputation on an initial coin offering.

His twitter stream contained the following amazing tweet:

Whether Michael Clarke is breaking Australian law regarding advertising investments with this tweet I will leave for ASIC and their lawyers to decide. But it is pretty darn gutter thing to do with your reputation.

And dear Mr Clarke, cricket is a game where fair play is central. You are tossing your reputation just as surely as if you used sandpaper on the ball.

Which of course your successor as Australian cricket captain did.

Still, when your error was pointed out you just blocked me on Twitter.

Steve Smith at least had the decency to appear contrite.

I will be less forgiving of you.


PS The ICO says on its website that is “Austrac approved”. Austrac is the Australian anti-money laundering authority.

Mr Clarke, are you confident endorsing that claim?

PPS. For my many readers from non-cricket playing countries, have a look at the amazing press conference when Steve Smith, Australian Captain, was caught cheating.

I wonder if Mr Clarke will have that decency.