Esprezzo Partners With General Assembly to Create Free Blockchain Educational Panel

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Esprezzo, a blockchain middleware provider, has now partnered with digital skill training leader General Assembly (GA) to create a blockchain educational program. The trading will be provided via a series of events, the first of which will be held at the GA Boston campus on Oct. 11. The free event, called Blockchain 101, will mark the beginning of this collaboration between the two organizations.

What Will Blockchain 101 Change?

The event is designed to introduce developers and business leaders to blockchain and improve their knowledge about the industry as a whole. It will also provide ongoing education on appropriate applications of the technology, especially for solving real-world problems.

Emre Surmeli, GA instructor and engineering lead at Sportsrocket, explained:

“At General Assembly, we see powerful applications for blockchain, and are seeing an increased demand for blockchain developers to work on this new technology.”

Surmeli said that the increasing demand for blockchain comes from a variety of businesses in finance, health care, and law. It is not limited to top tech firms and Silicon Valley based venture capitalists alone.

Esprezzo Dives into Blockchain Education

The goal of Esprezzo is to create a democratized blockchain app development ecosystem. This helps in creating seamless integration for web and mobile products, all working in the blockchain ecosystem. Developers use these solutions for creating blockchain apps that are smarter and faster.

The organization suggests that providing educational resources that would empower organizations in making informed decisions is part of its central strategy. Esprezzo is working closely with GA, business practitioners, experts in blockchain, and thought leaders in technology to form blockchain curriculums, panels, and workshops.

Esprezzo CEO and cofounder Remy Carpinito commented on the partnership, saying:

“We are thrilled to partner with GA, a pioneer in education and career transformation.”

He claims that both organizations are focused on helping people advance their careers. Carpinito also said that the partnership could accelerate blockchain education and adoption.

Jonathan Tablada, local marketing manager of General Assembly Boston, said that GA is proud of its cutting-edge technology and is excited to partner with Esprezzo. He also said that they would offer invaluable content to their audience and Greater Boston.

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