Former Programme Lead of UN specialized Agency Joins ICONLOOP

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Novosibirsk, Russia - May 12, 2018 - Homepage of Icon cryptocurrency on PC, web adress -

ICONLOOP recently hired Josh Choi; the former programme lead to a UN Specialized Agency, International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Choi has been hired as the Director of Public Affairs and will work on the governance of the network while pursuing partnerships in the public sector.

Working on ICON Governance

According to ICON, Choi will be working on:

“The governance of the ICON Network, as well as growing our ecosystem in the public sector. Bearing in mind three key principles, Decentralization, Interchain, and Contribution, ICON’s governance consists of ‘Community Representatives’  (C-Reps), which represent the interest of each respective community, and ‘Public Representatives’ (P-Reps), which represent the interest of the general ICON public blockchain.”

Choi’s experience with Korean tech giants, startups and UN organizations will also be helpful for ICON in establishing and managing partnerships with international organizations, especially public agencies. It will also help in expanding the impact of blockchain throughout industries.

Who Is Josh Choi?

Choi is a graduate from the Yonsei University, who went on to complete his MBA in 2008 at the University of Geneva. He then worked as a Marketing Manager at Daum Communications, specializing in international business and strategy for technological innovation.

He worked for the ITU, a UN specialized agency, in Geneva, Switzerland, serving as the Programme Lead of Smart ABC (AI·Banking·City). He also worked as the head of ITU Visitors Center, supervising outreach programs. He also authored many analytical reports, working as a Policy Analyst.

He also organized the first edition of the “Smart ABC Forum” at the ITU Telecom World event, the largest gathering for the telecom industry. He discussed the Smart City agenda with various industry stakeholders, including C-level industry leaders and policymakers.

He was chosen as the head of global cooperation at the Korea Startup Forum. He also went on to Digital Economy Forum 2018. On his appointment to ICON, Choi said that he would work on pilot projects and partnerships with municipal governments and international organizations. He also said that the focus would be on expanding the public ecosystem of the network.

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