Gut + Science Podcast with Rich Armstrong

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The Gut+Science Podcast, hosted by Nikki Lewallen, features the nation’s greatest leaders as they cut to the core of people-first cultures and ask CEOs how they are redefining employee engagement. Gut+Science recently featured The Great Game of Business’ President, Rich Armstrong, as he discusses playing the Great Game, employee engagement, “gamifying” business and more.  Check out the full podcast below!

Sneak Peek- What’s Included in the Podcast:

  • Definition of open-book management: four components
  • The concept of “gamifying” business
  • Business and the elements of a game
  • Is every financial detail shared in OBM?
  • Do company culture and employee engagement impact profitability?
  • Education- who, how often, and how to educate through this process
  • Common skills and values found in Great Game leaders
  • Cross-departmental alignment
  • MiniGames™
  • Lightning round- learn about Rich Armstrong


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