IOHK Announces the Launch of the Cardano Ambassador Program

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KYRENIA, CYPRUS - OCTOBER 8, 2018 Cardano website displayed on the smartphone screen. ADA is a decentralized, open source, public blockchain protocol and cryptocurrency project. - Image

In the Cardano forum, IOHK’s Maki Mukai announced that they are launching the Cardano Ambassador Program.

The program is for people in the Cardano community who go the extra mile and make positive contributions to the project.

They have identified four roles for the Ambassador Program initially that help foster the community – moderators, content creators, translators, and meetup organizers.

Acknowledging the Community’s Good Work

According to forum poster Maki Mukai:

“Cardano Ambassadors are people in the community who go above and beyond and provide regular, consistent and positive contributions to the project.”

She also stated that:

This program helps us recognize and acknowledge their good work! Furthermore, this program will help raise awareness and promote the Cardano project around the world.

The people who become ambassadors could be organizing meetups in their local area of helping translate Cardano information into other languages.

Community members will be able to nominate a potential Ambassador by filling a form on Ambassador Page. It is possible to nominate oneself to for the roles too.

What Roles Are Available?

The program will initially identify four roles- moderators, translators, content creators, and meetup organizers.

Meetup organizers are people who want to or already are hosting Cardano meetups regularly. These meetups can be organized for a technical or non-technical audience and can be hosted in a variety of formats.

Those interested in becoming meetup organizers should contact the Cardano community team to set up a local group on

They must hold at least two meetups with a minimum of 10 attendees and arrange a meetup at least once every three months.

Moderators are people who help Cardano to maintain a safe and active community.

To become a moderator, one needs a deep understanding of social media platforms and must be active daily, as well as receive approval from current moderators.

Content creators are members who create informative and engaging content for the community and the wider world about Cardano.

Content creators are required to have produced at least three pieces of content and must share at least one piece of content per month.

Translators are people who translate content to help Cardano grow in non-English speaking regions.

The interested members must have translated at least 3,000 words of which at least 1,000 words must have been translated in the past month.

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