IOTA Announces the Winners of the Perfect Brainstorm Contest

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Iota cryptocurrency physical coin placed on the stone at the golden hour

The IOTA Foundation announced the winners of the Perfect Brainstorm contest on Wednesday.

The contest received over 210 ideas submitted by the IOTA community, including tamperproof 3D printing and enhancing traffic efficiency with micropayments.

IOTA said that selecting the winners was difficult for the three judges. The Foundation then announced the names of the top 10 submissions built on IOTA.

Most were past the concept on paper stage and had real working prototypes.

The Top 3 Winners of the Contest

The IOTA Foundation wrote:

“The goal of the contest was not just to promote creative and innovative use cases, but ideas that can be realized with today’s technologies. In our deliberation, we put a major emphasis on the feasibility of the presented idea, and how we as a Foundation can work with some of our partners to realize it today.”

The top 10 projects will receive an IOTA branded Ledger hardware wallet with the top 3 winning cash prizes as well.

The winner of the contest was a vessel demurrage & dispatch solution by Leif Arne Strommen and Erik Aadland.

Their solution is built on IOTA to solve problems in the shipping industry, which still depends excessively on paper. It simplifies the vessel demurrage & dispatch function, moving them from paper and proprietary databases to the distributed ledger using IOTA Tangle.

The second winner was a LogIOTA Aid System by Johannes Schroth which seeks to solve the water shortage problem around the world.

It uses flash channels to distribute water efficiently via micropayments. It helps to improve the distribution of water as well as create smaller queues at the supply.

The third winner was a concept for circular energy management by Nicolas Schteinschraber and Federico Gonzalez.

The solution helps in ensuring that electric scooters do not get dumped after their batteries die. It proposed charging station networks for power charging, which is based on IOTA micropayments, helping to create a local consumer economy as well.

Other Winners of the Contest

One of the many exciting projects in the top 10 of the contest was a CO2Ta emission tracking system using IOTA by Noah Klarmann.

It helps in trading and tracking emissions and incentivize the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Nicholas Lenzi and Adam Federau presented a new use case of checking water quality using the Tangle.

The solution helps the EPA in tracking the compliance of water quality and invoices penalties automatically when it is not.

The full list of winners and their concepts are available on the IOTA blog.

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