IOTA Qubic Manager Eric Hop Joins IOTA-ISO as a Co-founder

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IOTA-ISO, a marketplace for IOTA-based operations recently announced that Eric Hop is joining as a co-founder.

Eric Hop is a well-known person in the crypto industry as last year he worked on IOTA’s Qubic project.

IOTA-ISO say that Eric is a great fit for the team as they share the same visions and values.

What is IOTA-ISO?

IOTA-ISO is a separate entity from the IOTA Foundation, that is dedicated to building an IOTA based marketplace. The IOTA-ISO platform enables project owners to crowd fund their project in an environment that’s safe for them and the investors.

On its website, IOTA-ISO writes that it enables buyers and sellers to meet and carry out operations that involve goods and services related to IOTA and the MIOTA token.

The platform helps in protecting the buyers’ rights as it offers a strict payment system and entitles users to have their funds returned if a project fails to reach a milestone.

It also provides better transparency to the actors who can track the movement of their funds in real time. The platform states on its website:

IOTA-ISO places itself as a safer, more secure, more transparent and faster marketplace to launch a project if you are an entrepreneur or buy-in if you are a user.

Building the Future of Crowdfunding

IOTA-ISO is working on building the future of crowdfunding, and they call it crowdfunding 2.0.

The platform is enabling upcoming startups, product developers and other entities to come together for the future of crowdfunding which they claim is better than traditional crowdfunding and ICO options.

IOTA blockchain technology is at the heart of their project, as it has high security capabilities and uses ternary logic instead of binary.

The services or products created by developers can reach a more diversified, global market using the IOTA blockchain and its native token MIOTA through the IOTA-ISO platform.

To achieve their goal of ‘building the future of crowdfunding’ IOTA-ISO will be selling shares in their company via 3 funding rounds.

Firstly a Pre-MVP with a special discount on company shares. Secondly an MVP, with a reduced discount on company shares. Thirdly, the full launch, where company shares will be available without a discount.

The new co-founder Eric Hop will join Thomas Kirkeby (Founder and CEO), Malik Dakdadki and Niklas Reimche (Co-Founders and ISO Core Developers), and Sadjy Sadjan (Co-Founder and security and systems operator.)

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