IOTA’s Eric Hop Introduces the Community to a Revamped Qubic Team

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The IOTA Foundation restructured their development process by introducing the Omega team in December. The Foundation has now revamped its Qubic team which Eric Hop recently announced via an IOTA blog post.

In the article, he talked about the new focus of the team in areas like ICT, Qupla, Qubic, FPGA/ASIC, and IXI.

Making the Necessary Moves

In December, IOTA restructured the Omega team where each member decided to work on an individual focus point.

This enables each team member to work on a specific part of the project. Each separate component of the Qubic project has also been made open source, allowing the community to get a direct peek into the team’s progress.

Hop noted that in the past few months, they had blurred the lines between IoT and the Internet requirements of the system too much. Therefore, they are moving ahead with a  CfB (Sergey Ivancheglo) based redesign concept for the entire system that provides both extensibility and flexibility.

What Has Changed?

Lukas will now be working on the ICT component, writing the Ict client from scratch, while keeping in mind the lessons learned from CfB’s (Ivancheglo’s) previous implementation.

He is working to make Ict lean and extensible core system which will provide core level Tangle access for data integrity and transactions.

It will be achieved through the IOTA eXtension Interface (IXI) which is the responsibility of Samuel.

Samuel wrote an article on E-voting on Tangle which showed deep understanding of and interest in IOTA.

Both team members have already created Chat.ixi, a proof-of-concept module for IXI that provides permissionless chats on Tangle.

Qubic’s responsibility will lie with Paul who will work on the Qubic architecture, alongside Ivancheglo.

Abra will no longer be used as Qubic’s programing language. Hop added:

“The original Abra programming language was starting to exceed its scope as a simple assembly-level programming language for Qubic. So, we decided to revamp the existing parser/interpreter/compiler and allow it to grow into a higher-level programming language called Qupla (which is short for QUbic Programming LAnguage).”

Qupla will become the first programming language to implement new specifications on Abra, and Eric will handle the project.

He will work on translating the Qubic Computation Model (QCM) concepts into programming language.

Donald will be looking after FPGA/ASIC implementation of the QCM.

Hope noted in the end that new ideas have started to formulate due to the new architecture and things will get more interesting when Hans and Luca join in the next few months.

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