John McAfee Claims Reality Will Set in for the Cryptocurrency Market

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John McAfee continues to provide his insights on the state of the crypto market via Twitter. In one of his recent tweets McAfee explained that he thinks that psychology drives the bear market and that once reality sets in, the bear phase will be gone. He has previously said that the Bitcoin bull phase will come to the world like a volcanic eruption. This time, he seems to have mellowed his tone.

When Will Reality Hit the Market?

John McAfee wrote on Twitter:

This tweet was met with some scathing comments, and some outrightly dismissed what McAfee claims.

One commenter went as far as to ask him if he is okay, saying this is one of the most “normal” tweets from him that he has seen.

Another commenter asked McAfee if this tweet means that he admits all his predictions about cryptocurrencies till date are wrong.

McAfee replied:

Where Is McAfee Going With This Tweet?

John McAfee has been a staunch crypto bull. In one of his previous tweets, he predicted that the bull market is coming and when it finally arrives, “it will make the eruption of Krakatoa seem like a Meerkat’s burp.” The whole Tweet read:

For a person like McAfee, this is normal day-to-day tweeting. The above tweet was made over a month ago, but no staggering improvement in the crypto market has happened since then.

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