Mason Ayer: From Lawyer to “Best CEO” in Austin

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The For You Leaders podcast, hosted by Kirk Dando, focuses on actionable leadership and business growth insights from some of the world’s best leaders. In this episode, Dando interviews the CEO of Kerbey Lane Cafe, Mason Ayer, as he explains what he’s learned as the leader of a highly successful restaurant in Austin, Texas. 


Sneak Peek- What’s Included in the Podcast:

  • Mason’s transformation from his law career to becoming the CEO of the family business. 
  • How Mason chose to make this shift in his career, and the advice for those on the verge of making a significant life change. 
  • How Kerbey Lane Cafe uses open-book management to empower employees with financial information to help meet the goals of the business.
  • What pushed Mason to implement open-book management, and how he overcame his initial resistance to the concept. 
  • How Mason aligns all of his employees with the company’s EBITA goal.
  • Why Kerbey Lane Cafe gives every hourly employee financial education.
  • Challenges of transforming the business to open-book, and the impact on financials and culture. 
  • How the company is able to thrive in an area filled with successful restaurants.
  • What every leader can learn from the restaurant industry.
  • The one job Mason recommends everyone have at least once in their life.

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