NEO Global Development Highlights Progress Made in 2018 in Annual Report

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KYRENIA, CYPRUS - SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 NEO website displayed on smartphone screen. NEO is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency designed to build a scalable network of decentralized applications - Image

NGD Annual Report 2018 wasn’t shy of accepting that 2018 was a rough year.

In a new blog titled “The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn,” NEO Global Development highlighted the events and progress made throughout the year.

Da Hongfei, the NEO founder, stated in the opening line that the team is committed to its vision of a smart economy and aims to make NEO “the most developer-friendly public chain.”

Crazy Market Helped Development

NEO accepted that the “extreme insane market sentiments” helped in popularizing the concept of blockchains, leading to the development of the industry.

NGD then thanked the NEO community for improving the NEO infrastructure.

It highlighted the works by old communities like CoZ as well as upcoming ones like the Chinese developer community- NEL, which worked on the game SDK development as well as the NEO Name Service (NNS). It also highlighted the works done by other communities like NEO Denver, Next, NSPCC, and Keymakers.

In 2018, NEO client NEO-CLI 2.6.0–2.9.3/NEO-GUI 2.6.0–2.9.0 were worked upon, which helps in eliminating forking risk and improving the stability of the consensus mechanism. NEP proposals NEP-6 to NEP-10 were written while NEP-5 to NEP-10 were implemented during the year.

It also introduced a new page for letting users file applications for consensus nodes in the network.

The NEO mainnet currently has seven consensus nodes, 2 of which are held by the City of Zion and Netherlands-based telecom company KPN. The NEO Foundation currently hosts the other five nodes.

Other NEO Developments

About a hundred dApps were built on NEO, registering a 3000% growth in 2018.

A detailed infographic layout of the ecosystem was created by NNT to highlight some projects.

NGD also hosted/sponsored over a hundred events in the last year, including the first NEO DevCon, the NEO blockchain game competition and more.

NGD also added new employees with 38 full-time workers engaged with it. The project also completed the 2-year anniversary of NEO mainnet. A detailed description of NEO’s plans, events, and more can be found on their blog.

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