NEO Releases Monthly Report, Europe Hackathon Tour Has Concluded

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KONSKIE, POLAND - November 17, 2018 NEO cryptocurrency logo displayed on smartphone

NEO Global Development talked about its activities and achievements during the previous month in the newly published monthly report for November. The NGD report focused on its events, the NEO Hackathon Tour and the NEO Wallpaper Design competition. It also listed the updates it has done to the blockchain network, conferences, interviews, and other developments.

New Updates on the NEO Network

NGD added a new plugin type called IPersistencePlugin. It changed the open wallet for RPC server after startup and allowed the creation of an iterator from the array in NEO.Iterator.Create API. It also fixed some issues with the NEOVM which led to an inconsistent execution state and fixed the “too many open files” error.  It also fixed an issue with MerkleTree.

To remove the risk of forking, it optimized the consensus mechanism, and it is currently under test phase for enhancing stability. The vitality of the consensus mechanism is guaranteed by a commit phase and a regeneration strategy. NGD has also built a consensus node monitoring system for logging which is composed of three parts, LogPlugin, LogServer, and LogMonitor.

NGD’s New Events and More

NEO also highlighted its three-week-long Europe Hackathon Tour. The last of the hackathon events was held on November 3 and 4 in Zurich, Switzerland, where over 40 developers participated. The overall event was attended by more than 200 participants who submitted over 20 works. The event helped NEO to establish a greater presence in Europe.

Another important event was the NEO Wallpaper Design Competition in which 100 works were submitted by designers in more than ten countries. The event was created to celebrate the two-year anniversary of NEO main net. NEO Open Class also held its sixth session in Shanghai this month. NEO going to conduct a new plan for the Open Class to enhance the experience. The program will resume in the first quarter of 2019.

NGD also launched NSPCC in a Saint Petersburg meeting on November 30th. NSPCC will work on building a distributed file storage system based on the NEO blockchain as well as blockchain incubation in Russia.

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