New EOS Referendum Tool Could Enter Public Beta This Week

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Eos cryptocurrency physical coin placed on a manhole

The EOS blockchain could debut a new referendum system this week. The tool, designed to help users stake their coins for voting will enter public beta upon release. The referendum working group was earlier eyeing a Tuesday, October 22 release for the tool but some issues with open tally and UI delayed the deployment after the team voted in favor of a holdback. The team is scheduled to vote again on Tuesday, October 30.

How Is the New Referendum Tool Different?

The new referendum tool is used to enable voting on proposals using staked tokens of users. EOS Nation explains:

“The referendum system is made up of a forum smart contract for submitting proposals and casting votes, a tally system for counting the EOS staked towards each ballot option, a voting portal UI with support documentation to facilitate easy voting, and support for integration with wallets and alternative UIs so token holders can participate in the interface they’re most comfortable with.”

The block producer further clarified that the new tool isn’t designed for creating or filtering proposals. It doesn’t define any specific rules on ratification of referendums. It goes on to say that best practices will be defined, but the team doesn’t control the use of the tool and cannot impose its own set of rules besides what is laid out in article XI of the EOS Constitution.

The community will decide how to use the tool. However, it would need the vote of 15 out of 21 top BPs to ratify or implement a proposal passed by the users. The Ballot Craft Group has been assigned the responsibility for defining the best practices for the tool.

The Progress Report of the Referendum Tool

According to EOS Nation, work on the EOS Forum smart contract is complete, and the release is now live on the eosforumrcppmainnet account. EOS Nation thanked EOS Canada for their hard work on this part of the project.

The prototype of the Tally system is live in production and undergoing tweaks. The EOSvotes voting portal is operational but incomplete, and tweaking is in progress. GenerEOS and EOS Tribe have helped in creating the UI at while EOS Nation has helped in building the tally system tracking votes.

There are some stability issues with the vote tally as it is sensitive to crashes under high transaction load. EOS Nation noted:

“Denis Carriere (EOS Nation) has refactored it to leverage EOS Canada’s new dfuse API to easily handle table deltas via their WebSocket API.”

It could be helpful in avoiding crashes. After completing fixes and tweaks, the team would meet again on the coming Tuesday for a go/no-go vote.

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