Ontology, Layerx, and Microsoft Host Tokyo Hackathon

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Novosibirsk, Russia - May 8, 2018 - Homepage of Ontology cryptocurrency on PC display, web address - www.ont.io - Image

Ontology hosted a hackathon event with Microsoft and LayerX in Tokyo, Japan on December 8th and 9th.

Recently, they revealed details on how the Ontology Tokyo Hackathon went on its Medium page.

Various teams presented their blockchain projects which included food security traceability, reputation evaluation, password management, digital asset management, and identity verification after a 24-hour programming session.

Ontology also thanked venue provided Eureka in the blog.

Beginning the Event

The hackathon began with speeches from LI un and Kazumi Hirose.

After this, a senior software engineer at Ontology, TAN Yuan talked about Ontology’s technology and asked developers to make use of their decentralized application development framework Punica.

He also welcomed them to use the smart contracts and SDKs in the framework to bring their ideas to fruition.

After this, the contestants participated in a 24-hour programming session and presented their unique ideas powered by Ontology.

What Solutions Did the Contestants Come up With?

Ontology highlighted some of the solutions made by the contestants during the event.

The first among them is an Ontology-powered digital asset management application created by the ONT ONE team.

The team intended to make a “gateway to the smart economy” which could help people to manage their digital assets more securely and reliably.

The next team created a solution that helps with identity management.

It was based on the decentralized identity protocol of Ontology named ONT ID which can identify and authenticate all aspects of user identity.

The Hokago Yureru Neko team worked on food security and traceability solutions by attaching BPS TAG’s to food packages.

This makes every package unique and immutable on the blockchain.

If a new tag is added during transit, the previous tag becomes invalid. The team hopes that manufacturers will provide data in the future to help customers trace food details at any time.

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