Peer Ledger’s Mimosi SaaS Platform for Responsible Sourcing Available for General Use

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A new supply chain system that leverages blockchain’s traceability and immutability called the MIMOSI SaaS platform for responsible sourcing is now available for general use. The platform, developed by Peer Ledger, has undergone two years of extensive testing to provide enterprise-grade solutions to companies looking to improve the management of supply chain risks.

Blockchain for Better Supply Chains

The Peer Ledger solution uses blockchain technology to improve the governance of economic, environmental and social factors (EESG) in their operations. Dawn Jutla, the chief executive officer of Peer Ledger, suggests that consumers are looking for more responsibility sourced goods. He said that it:

“Is a major trend that progressive companies are addressing today to acquire and retain customers, and to increase brand loyalty.”

The company also suggest that 8 in 10 FMCG companies are not aware if their supply chains have conflict minerals. Using the MIMOSI tool, they can ensure materials are sourced responsibly. The immediate focus of the company will be on the supply of gold and other precious metals that can be tracked from mining to retail. Peer Ledger provide brands, mints, banks, jewelers, mining companies and artisans with an inclusive and comprehensive solution to managing global supply risks.

Who Is Working With Mimosi?

Global bullion brand PAMP, which is engaged in refining and fabricating precious metals has integrated the MIMOSI Responsible Source APIs into its existing technologies, adding a blockchain model and improving trust to the backend of its global business. It also helps regulators and auditors track the source of materials more cost-effectively. Customers will also be able to receive provenance and authentication information about their product by scanning it using a VERISCAN iPhone app.

The user-friendly implementation of the technology will effectively remove counterfeit materials from the precious metals supply chain and help stakeholders rest assured that they know the provenance of the metals in every step of their supply chain journey.

Peer Ledger is also targeting the food industry and planning to include farms, processors, ingredients supplies, wholesales, manufacturers and grocery retailers to their MIMOSI network to help prevent food fraud and prove the quality of all food produced.

MIMOSI runs as a permissioned and private DLT solution built on the open source Hyperledger Fabric. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services and aims to provide enterprise-class reliability, security, and scalability to its users. MIMOSI can be used as SaaS or pay-per-use service.

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