Quantmre and Securrency Partner to Launch a Stablecoin and Real Estate Marketplace

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Stacked cryptocurrency coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin). Source: shutterstock.com

The world’s first blockchain-based real estate marketplace QuantmRE announced a partnership with Securrency, a global financial service technology infrastructure and product company. The said announcement was made in a press release by QuanmtRE published on Thursday, Oct. 4.

The two will work together to develop supporting infrastructure for QuantmRE’s patent-pending fractionalized real estate trading platform. They will also launch a new crypto stablecoin — EQRE. The token will be tied to real estate assets and will be compliant with global regulations.

Securrency Will Bring Its Unique Token Protocol to the Mix

The CAT-20 security token protocol, a proprietary asset of Securrency, uses the company’s multivenue identity services and a robust rules engine to maintain compliance. Secondary-market trading is therefore secure throughout the security token lifecycle through on-and-off chain movement. The company also works on a token keylock, a patent-pending technology that does not allow wallets to hold, trade, or transfer security tokens unless they have appropriate qualifications to do so.

QuantmRE sought to work with Securrency because of its leading-edge technology, as mentioned in the company’s press release. The unique Securrency technology could facilitate the use of EQRE and also lay the foundation for QuantmRE’s blockchain-based real estate marketplace.

Regulatory Compliance Essential for the Token

QuantmRE CEO Matthew Sullivan emphasized the importance of regulations in their marketplace, saying:

“Robust, frictionless regulatory compliance is a critical component for the mass-market adoption of cryptocurrencies that operate as securities.”

He added:

“QuantmRE will use Securrency’s versatile suite of technologies to launch its globally compliant, blockchain-based platform that will enable its members to diversify their investment portfolios into fractional real estate assets, as well as giving homeowners the ability to unlock the equity they have built up in their homes without having to take on extra debt.”

Securrency CEO Dan Doney seconded his thoughts, commenting that tokenized securities provide a great opportunity for innovative companies around the world and new groups of investors. He also praised the company’s new partner, claiming that the two can create the largest blockchain-based capital market system in the world for partial real estate assets.

He added:

“We believe this partnership will serve as a first-class model for others who are hoping to issue security tokens in a fully compliant and transparent manner.”

The EQRE stablecoin could be launched with a Regulation A+ offering. Through a blockchain-based real estate ecosystem, both homeowners and real estate investors will be able to transact directly. Once the platform becomes fully functional, EQRE stablecoin will be available for purchase to qualifying members.

The blockchain solution will provide a new way for homeowners to dive into their home’s equity when they need it without having to take on additional debt from traditional marketplaces.

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