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Dragonoptions Review

The company Dragonoptions which provides services for trading in binary options was founded by a team of experienced market traders back in 2009. Even since then this broker has been making every effort to become the definitive leader in the field of options. It has even taken care to prepare and back itself with a number of licenses to operate in the European and Asian regions. This indicates its solvency and responsible attitude both to its business interests and its clients. Every year Dragonoptions receives prestigious and respected awards, such as that of the Finance Review and Global Banking magazines. We decided to test this platform in order to better understand why and how its customer base has grown to include hundreds of thousands of people. Ease of Use Our study into the company’s official website showed us that it contains everything needed for productive and efficient work, as well as being a place where a novice trader can obtain all the information needed to be successful in trading binary options. The interface bribed us with its brevity with the design contributing to the perception of information while colorful ad units and other distracting elements are absent. The upper part of the site has a menu with the categories that help visitors instantly navigate and locate the right section for their needs. A bit lower and there is the current market quotations for assets, shown as a scrolling text. They are provided by Reuters, one of the most prestigious news agencies and are therefore of good quality and accurate. Dragonoptions Features To understand the basic principles surrounding the functionality of the trading platform you can watch a short video posted on the site. However, be aware that even a video made by insanely talented directors will not be able to convey all the nuances and variety of decisions that you will need to understand when dealing with market related decisions. Only good strategy and practice can help you with that. In the grand scheme people acquire most valuable knowledge directly through contracts and interactions where real money is at stake. This is not only our observation, it is consistent with the opinions of the majority of financial market experts, who believe that the most productive learning occurs when the trader uses a responsible attitude to the transaction that is determined by the money at risk. The trading platform of Dragonoptions has all of the most popular types of binary options on offer. Beginners and non-professional traders will consider this selection optimal to their needs. We recommend that you first learn how to trade using standard options profiles, and then move on to the constructors. For contracts you do not need to load any additional software on your computer and all operations are carried out through the Dragonoptions web interface. Dragonoptions Trading Platform You will find the Dragonoptions platform to be simple and intuitively understandable. Even if you do not have the relevant knowledge in technology transactions, an exploration of this system will take an appreciably minimum amount of time. The broker uses the SpotOptions trading platform, which is one of the most convenient for binary options. The platform is certified by all major regulatory agencies and ensures accurate quotes and the expiry of options. We found only one flaw in this platform; it is unstable when working through the Opera browser. So instead we recommend that you use a different browser for trading to save any complications down the line. Mobile users can use special application designed for iPhone or Android that allows you to interact with your portfolio from anywhere. Dragonoptions offers a good selection of classic options, as well as constructors. One of the interesting ways to trade through them is the Black Dragon option, under which you can sell it before the official end time, however the option must be in the so-called “Buy me out zone”, or you can leave it how it is and the rate will be closed according to the rules of the classic option. Customer Service You can not help but notice the rather large buttons that are located on Dragonoptions site which are somewhat obtrusive. They are designed to enter the online chat section and to order a “call back”. It suggests to us that there is often a need for clients to access such functions. They do take care of communications through their expert technical support staff who are available to all customers. Some users of Dragonoptions complain that the company offers a demo account only after making a solid deposit of $500. We can assure you that there are cases when a broker’s personnel lean towards helping and open the demo even for traders with a minimum deposit. Do not hesitate to ask customer support specialists about such support if you feel ill equipped to dive straight into trading. The ability to use the demo will be useful to those who want to explore the trading platform deals with virtual money without risking their deposit. Final Thoughts Generally speaking the Dragonoptions trading platform leaves a wonderful impression because of its simplicity to understand and to use. Among the undoubted advantages of the broker we can attest to the low minimum investment, accurate quotes and accuracy of options expiration times, the presence of market certifications, good training course with webinars and one of the best support services among similar companies. In addition, there are free tools and signals, regular news and analytics, and mobile trading applications. All this contributes to the fact that participants in the options trading process can achieve success pretty quickly.