Name:Grandoption Review WebSite: Established: 2013 Country: Cyprus Regulations: CySEC


EU regulated platform

Small initial deposit

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No US clients

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Grandoption Review

Grandoption is one of the leading regulated brokers in binary options. What can we say about this company? It has a multi-lingual site, it offers an efficient trading platform to its clients, there is a first-class educational center and thanks to their efficient service you are likely to get high return on your investment. In fact they offer quite a quite good range of services for a broker that was established as recently as 2013. In our opinion, the main advantage of this trading platform is the very small minimum deposit compared to other market participants which is set at a mere $100. Ease of Use The Grandoption trading platform is quite convenient to use. It is an excellent sample of one of the best technical inventions in the field of trading. We particularly appreciated the large number of options available, as well as the unique features on offer such as stop-loss and take-profit. Previously, we have only seen them on Forex and other binary options brokers do not usually use them in their own platforms. Another thing that you certainly will enjoy is the demonstration account. It gives you the option of opening an account it and working out how best to trade while at the same time figuring out whether Grandoption is the best choice of broker for you personally. If you enjoy the process of trading and you open a real account for profit, you’ll be glad to know that withdrawals are carried out almost instantly which is a rather unique feature for binary options platforms. You only need to provide them with the necessary documents to prove your identity and you are away. Grandoption Features We spent a lot of time on the Grandoption trading platform, and we can note the following important advantages of this broker. First of all, it is a simple and intuitive interface meaning that you do not need to download anything additional to the service such as third party features. They also possess a powerful educational center where you will not only get information about how to use the trading platform but also about how to choose the right strategy to ensure that your trade will be really successful. Educational videos and interactive books are also readily available should you feel the need to top up your skills or knowledge. A good feature of the particular broker is the presence of market reports, which help guide traders to make the right decisions. In addition, the platform allows you to change your account currency, or to be more precise, to create an additional account with your new desired currency. To do this, you will not need to create a new account, but simply write to your personal manager and inform them that you need an extra currency. Then you just have to top up this account and get to work. Grandoption Trading Platform If you want to see what the Grandoption platform looks like from an aesthetic point of view you need to go to the broker’s website. There you will be able to see exactly how the process for trading and sales is done. You are not even required to register to access this information.   This is a fairly unique platform, which attracts clients with its beauty and simplicity. This has been achieved thanks to the minimalism, used in the creation of the site design making everything as simple as possible and therefore as efficient as possible. There are no sharp colors and transitions that draw your attention and distract you from your main goal. Everything is done efficiently and competently. It is worth mentioning that the Grandoption platform is a proprietary of the company.   One of the better features of this trading platform is the large number of different underlying assets. Stocks, commodities, currencies and indices are all subdivided into categories. Shares are divided more by the countries to which their constituent companies relate. Such trifles certainly deserve a mention in this article as they have more impact that is suggested. Customer Service With certainty it can be said that a professional team works for Grandoption. All commercial and organizational processes are carried out as quickly as possible. For example, when we attempted to replenish the fund in our account we encountered a small problem: the money was taken from the card, but did not appear in our Grandoption account. To solve this we sent a letter to the manager with a detailed description of our problem and the situation was resolved within half an hour much to our surprise.   As far as communications are concerned and, in addition to e-mail, you can contact a specialist by phone, instant message or request a call back and all features are available in English, Italian, French, Russian and Turkish. In our opinion it is a very interesting linguistic selection and slightly unusual and clearly Euro-centric. Perhaps the majority of Grandoption’s customers are natives of these languages or perhaps they are simply focused on a geographic area in relation to clients. Final Thoughts There is no doubt that Grandoption is capable of representing a reliable platform for trading and offers expert assistance in achieving your trading life and financial goals. To this end, the company offers its customers not only its services, but also a number of nice bonuses that can reach 100% of your deposit. Meaning that you will be able to become a professional investor while enjoying the trading process.