Name:Stockpair WebSite: Established: 2010 Country: Cyprus Regulations: CySEC


Excellent educational programs

Unique set of expiry times

Superior customer support


Do not allow US traders

Limited choice of currencies

Stockpair Review

This broker is one of the largest operators within the binary options community offering access to deals open to traders from around the world. The company was founded in 2010 and pioneered the formation of the market of binary contracts. Today, the number of regular customers on the books of Stockpair can be counted in the tens of thousands. Just recently, we also joined this number to make sure personally that our reviews about this company are both true and well researched. And of course in order to augment our investments at the same time because we are all traders at heart. Ease of Use In order to discover and use any broker service you first must visit their official site, get your bearings around the functionality of their platform and find out any information you require through their educational sections so that later you will be ready and well versed in performing all trading operations through their featured system. The first time we visited the site, we saw that it was presented in a very laconic style, that is to say it was very minimalist with a convenient arrangement of information blocks giving the impression of easy usability. The resources are designed in soft colors which greatly facilitates the perception of information. We were not troubled by any excessive advertising for third party partners of the company or of Stockpair itself. One of the better things that comes from this easy to use style is how easy it is to access any information or to understand the inner workings including account types and special offers. It is extremely difficult to get confused while trying to find the necessary information on the official website. The menu, also being simplified, contains only a few items, highlighting the most basic features: services, trading with options contracts and training. All other sections that contain background information are displayed at the bottom of the home page. Stockpair Features Stockpair offers a full demo mode to its new customers, with which you can try yourself using almost-real transactions. In addition there is a simulating program that will introduce you step by step with the order of the transaction process. Your follow-up work with the broker will be to conduct using real interest rates and for this you will need to create and submit a deposit according to the minimum value rules. As an impressive feature of this broker, they offer quite an extensive list of underlying assets, which form the basis of option contracts. In our opinion, Stockpair has a very convenient and useful tool which forms a schedule of the time of trades for every exchange platform in front of the list of assets. That’s where the current market price of each asset is determined. By the way, this broker is the first we have studied who has offered its customers a new way to invest in stocks, namely paired options. Previously, this option was only available to large investors on the stock exchange. Becoming a customer of Stockpair you will be able to trade shares in pairs as well as currency pairs making it a most attractive prospect. Stockpair Trading Platform There are brokers who use the central place on their main site page for the interface of its trading platform. Stockpair, contrary to most brokers, places everything directly related to trading activities in its appropriate section leaving the main page clear for information. After a period of use we found that it is quite convenient, because extra information is not constantly in your eye line and there is nothing that prevents you from focusing or distracts your attention. The Trading platform itself looks pretty standard and the mechanism of transactions is intuitive from the first glance. However, if you want to thoroughly understand the trade interface, you’ll find all the necessary information in the educational materials section. By the way, Stockpair uses a platform of its own design, based on the most advanced trading technologies making it feature unique and very functional. Since all transactions are conducted through the web interface, you can work with Stockpair from any mobile device if an Internet connection is available. Customer Service Customer support is carried out over 24/5. During the weekend, trading on Stockpair is not conducted and so customer support is also unavailable. You will be able to communicate with specialists using all modern methods, such as online chat, email and phone. By the way, feel free to call the operator for any questions, including if you think you need advice. Stockpair’s approach to the issue of training novice traders is, fundamentally, to use customer service facilities as well as articles and webinars. Moreover, webinars are held on the basis of real trading sessions with the participation of professional traders and they have received a very large number of positive reviews. Such popularity rarely comes without being worth it in the trading world. Final Thoughts We can recommend this broker for use by beginners and experienced traders alike. The transparency of their conditions, mandatory payments and the way they strive in to help each and every customer makes this company a very attractive partner. In addition Stockpair has several atypical types of contracts that might allow you to make good money if you can apply skillful use and good strategy to them.