The Great Game of Business’ Influence on Southwest Airline’s Cutting Edge Culture

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At the 26th Annual Gathering of Games, we had the opportunity to host Gregg Stebben from ForbesBooks Radio as he interviewed participants from this year’s conference. Check out his interview with our 2018 Keynote Speaker, Ann Rhoades.


 A Sneak Peak: What’s Included in the Podcast

  • Ann Rhoades’ background with companies including Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, DoubleTree Hotel, and PF Chang’s.
  • Ann’s experiences that led to her book, Built on Values: Creating an Enviable Culture that Outperforms the Competition.
  • Ann’s role in the People Department at Southwest Airlines, and how the Great Game was implemented at the company with the help of Jack Stack.
  • The powerful impact of Great Game practices at Southwest and how they saved 15% in healthcare costs. 
  • Her role as a founding executive at People Ink,  formed in 1999 to create  organizational cultures based on values and performance.
  • Bridging the gap for women in leadership.
  • The Great Game of Business and Millennials- a generation speaking up about what employees have wanted all along.

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