The revolving career of Jon Kyl

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Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz) announced Friday he will resign from his post at the end of year.

Kyl was appointed to fill the seat of the late Sen. John McCain after his death in August. In his resignation letter to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Kyl said he’d committed to finishing out McCain’s term in the 115th Congress, but it was time for a new senator to join the 116th in January.

In 2013, Kyl retired after serving 18 years in the Senate and eight years in the House. Following his retirement, he became senior of counsel at Covington and Burlington, a major law and lobbying firm in Washington.

Before his congressional career, he was a lobbyist and lawyer for the Arizona firm Jennings, Strouss & Salmon up until his election to the House in 1986. In 1994, he was elected to represent Arizona in the Senate. He was selected to be the Republican Whip in 2008.

As a lobbyist for Covington and Burlington, Kyl mainly represented the industries of electronic manufacturing and equipment and pharmaceutical and health products. Clients from electronic manufacturing and equipment spent $5 million on his services, while his pharmaceutical clients spent $3.5 million.

Some of his clients included the American Council on Education, Georgetown University, Coalition for American Retirement and Qualcomm Inc.

Throughout his career as a representative and senator, Kyl received money from a number of industries: real estate ($1.6 million), retired ($1.6 million), health professionals ($1.2 million) and lawyers ($1.1 million).

Most of the donations he received came from individual contributions, totaling $17.5 million. PACs came in second at $5.8 million.

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