This stock went up 270% in 6 days

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Can you trade green to make green? Absolutely! There is lots of money to be made in Cannabis stocks.

In this video from VantagePoint President Lane Mendelsohn, he explains how one Cannabis stock went up 270% in just six days…. and how VantagePoint predicted this bullish move IN ADVANCE.

Just like stocks in other sectors, Cannabis stocks are driven and impacted by other markets within the US and abroad.  By analyzing these complex market relationships using Artificial Intelligence, VantagePoint can provide highly accurate short-term forecasts for cannabis stocks with up to 86% accuracy.

Ready to revolutionize your trading and become the next success story? VantagePoint Software uses the power of Artificial Intelligence. This is what traders use to predict market direction and strength. Which is 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.  With deep learning using neural networks, VantagePoint can show you what the market is going to do instead of what it’s already done.


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