Trade Bitcoin Against Gold and Silver – B2Broker Adds 40 New Crypto/CFD Pairs

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B2Broker, a provider of liquidity and technology solutions for the foreign exchange and crypto industry, announced on Tuesday that it is adding support for 40 new crypto/CFD pairs on its platform.

It will include all major digital currencies as well as fiat currencies. The new offerings also feature some unique pairs like crypto against gold and silver.

Pioneering Liquidity and Pairing Features

All major digital currencies like BTC and XRP will be available on the platform to trade against the US Dollar, euro, Japanese yen, and the British Pound.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash will be available in unique pairs such trading as against gold (XAG) and silver (XAU).

With these offerings, B2Broker has become the first in the industry to offer such a large number of crypto pairs to its users.

B2Broker is also one of the pioneering providers of CFD liquidity for institutional clients and maintains a high degree of support.

The company is planning to increase its liquidity pool to up to 250 pairs which will include more crypto/crypto pairs and also crypto/commodity pairs like Oil and Gas.

They also plan to add new fiat currencies like CAD, AUD, NZD, HKD, CHF, and RUB.

Making CFDs More Accessible

B2Broker is currently offering the deepest Crypto CFD pool.

It writes in a press release:

“The average order book size on the first five levels for the BTC market is 300 BTC, 2 million XRP for the Ripple Market and up to 2000 ETH for the Ethereum market.”

This helps clients with larger trade sizes to use the platform more easily while ensuring that their orders get executed within milliseconds.

It has also increased Crypto CFD leverage to 1:5, which will increase users earning potential.

The average BTC/USD spread available on the platform they say is less than the market average spread. The platform applies real market tight spreads on all trading products.

The platform is also allowing USD, EUR, and other fiat currencies and stable tokens pegged to the USD 1:1 as a base currency. It has also added several notable cryptos as base currencies.

The users can choose any margin-based currency and withdraw or deposit them for marginal liquidity with zero commission.

Brokers and exchanges are allowed to connect via FIX API to the liquidity pool at Hong Kong and Equinix LD4 data centers.

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