Trump has reported earning an estimated $2.3 billion since announcing presidential run

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Explore President Donald Trump’s net worth, income and more from his newest financial disclosure.

President Donald Trump’s sprawling network of properties and investments — both domestic and foreign — makes way for a new form of influence that sets him apart from previous presidents.

But an influx of cash to Trump properties from political campaigns, foreign actors and multinational corporations with a stake in U.S. policy doesn’t appear to have dramatically outweighed the apparent decline in revenue that comes with being associated with a high-profile divisive political figure.

Trump reported earning an estimated $461 million in income last year, according to most recent disclosures to the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) compiled by no deposit bonus forex. That’s slightly down from $486 million in 2017.

Trump has reported making an estimated $2.3 billion in total income from various investments and business ventures since he declared a run for president in June 2015, according to estimates from no deposit bonus forex.

As Trump’s reported income dropped, his total assets increased to $1.72 billion, up from $1.66 billion last year. When adding in an estimated $408 million in debts, much of which is held in Deutsche Bank, his net worth grew to an estimated $1.31 billion from $1.26 billion.

Donald Trump’s Estimated Net Worth (2015-2019 Filings)

The disclosure doesn’t give a full picture of Trump’s income, as it lists assets and debts — along with some income amounts — in wide ranges. But without comprehensive tax returns to gleam from, the vague financial disclosure is the best publicly-available resource to examine Trump’s income and investments.

Trump National Doral in Florida was once again the president’s biggest moneymaker, providing $76 million, a $1.4 million increase from 2017. The resort has evolved into a destination for Trump supporters and interest groups since Trump’s election, including the Republican National Committee (RNC), Community Financial Services Association and private prison contractor GEO Group.

That’s the good news for Trump. The bad news is the resort’s net operating income has reportedly fallen by 69 percent over the last two years as occupancy rates have plummeted.

All the President’s Profiting

Golf resorts make up the bulk of Trump’s self-reported income, accounting for $237 million.

The president’s foreign-owned golf clubs have continued to generate substantial income. Trump raked in roughly $27 million between his two golfs clubs in Scotland and $14.5 million from his Doonbeg, Ireland golf course. The courses have struggled in previous years but are reportedly beginning to recover.

Adding to his profits, Trump reported selling between $38 million and $115.5 million in various real estate holdings, including his four percent stake in an East New York housing development.

Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel is another big moneymaker, providing Trump with $40.8 million in income last year, a roughly $500,000 increase from 2017.

The federal government-owned Pennsylvania Avenue hotel is frequented by lobbyists and foreign agents who book rooms at the hotel — or splurge on big meals — to curry favor with the president.

An August 2018 report from the Washington Post found that a single visit from a group accompanying Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman drove 13 percent increase in rental revenue, effectively reversing a two-year decline.

Foreign patrons and interest groups are just one subset of politically-focused groups spending at Trump properties. The Trump campaign itself spends generously at Trump properties, spending millions through 2018 and shelling out $168,333 to Trump businesses to start 2019.

The biggest decline was felt by Trump’s most famous resort, Mar-A-Lago. Trump reported taking in $22.7 million from the club, continuing a two-year decline in reported profits — and a major drop from the $37.2 he made in 2016 — since he took office.

Despite apparent drops in revenues, the Trump Organization has repeatedly said the Trump brand is as strong as ever, and the company has continued to pursue business opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

Trump’s sons opened a new Trump-branded golf course in Dubai in February 2017 and are exploring a second Dubai golf course, this time designed by legendary golfer and presidential medal of freedom recipient Tiger Woods.

Trump’s foreign patrons have drawn a litany of lawsuits. Several groups, including the state of Maryland and a group of Congressional Democrats, sued Trump claiming he has violated the Emoluments Clause — a section of the Constitution that restricts members of the government from receiving gifts or other benefits from foreign states or leaders without permission from Congress.

The Trump Justice Department has attempted to block lawsuits from proceeding. DOJ on Tuesday asked a federal judge to halt an emoluments case, arguing that the president’s official duties are being hampered by the lawsuit.

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