Viettel Aims to Become Vietnam’s Leading Blockchain Provider in Five Years

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Hanoi, Vietnam - Mar 15, 2015: Exterior front view of Viettel store in Xa Dan street. The store sales cellphone, smart device, telecommunication device...

Vietnamese firm Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation is getting ready to become the country’s leading blockchain technology provider. The company has set a five-year timeline to achieve this goal. Its blockchain-based medical file management system is awaiting approval from the government, as revealed during a recent event.

What Does Viettel Aim to Achieve?

Viettel aims to be at the top of the Vietnamese blockchain industry. Deputy general director of the company, Ngô Vĩnh Quý commented on their blockchain aspirations saying, “blockchain is a technology that will change the world and Viettel would like to catch up with global development trends,” during the “Blockchain at Viettel” workshop held in HCM City yesterday.

He said that the company has all the human and financial resources to achieve its objectives, along with network infrastructure, research and development facilities, big data centers and an internal environment that provides them an advantage in learning and applying blockchain technology.

He also said that blockchain is an unlimited eco-system and the most difficult task for the company would be selecting the most efficient blockchain tech that could be applied in daily life. The company has created a solution for medical file management using blockchains.

The Value Proposition of Viettel’s Blockchain Solution

Vietnam spends close to $100 million every year on patients who have to do medical tests again when they move from one hospital to another, said the director of the Core-technology Centre, Phạm Ngọc Sơn.

Phạm Ngọc Sơn also said that the blockchain-based medical file management system by Viettel could be helpful to the entire national medical network, including patients, doctors, hospitals, provincial health departments and the Ministry of Health. It could also be used to connect medical insurance nationwide.

Viettel claims to have successfully trialed the model of their blockchain system and say they are currently waiting for approval from the health ministry. It will also expand blockchain research into other domains next year, including energy, transport, telecommunications, finance, and education.

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